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Phoenix retreat | 7 days in the darkness for your personal transformation

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Getting there: Sat, 14.03.2020 until 12:00
Departure: Sun, 21.03.2020

  • 9 days (incl. arrival and departure)
  • 7 days in total darkness
  • personalised attention

regular price – € 3.998,-
Special price – € 2.998,- (for participation in film documentation)

ab 2998,-

The retreat into darkness is one of the most powerful methods of self-awareness.

Would you like to free yourself from the constraints of your thinking patterns, feelings and behaviors, and start all over again? Then the Phoenix retreat is the right choice for you.

Here you can experience a deep, life-changing transformation by living in complete darkness for 7 days. For retreating into darkness is one of the most powerful methods of self-awareness.

The Phoenix Program is aimed at people – especially managers, decision-makers and top performers – who are at risk of burn-out as a result of today’s ‘modern’ civilised lifestyle and corresponding working conditions, but who would like to press the reset button in their lives, regenerate completely, immunise themselves against burn-out and restructure their lives in general, with the aim of re-creating themselves and their company, environment or organisation “like the phoenix from the ashes” in order to start a new life in new splendour, filled with powerful energy.

The price includes…

  • Accommodation in the 5-star level luxury resort Almdorf Seinerzeit
  • Own Swiss stone pine bedroom with king size bed
  • Bedrooms largely free from electrosmog
  • bathroom with wooden bathtub, shower and WC
  • Spa area with sauna, shower and relaxation room
  • Spacious living room for group discussions
  • Cozy eat-in kitchen
  • 1 smoothie and 1 vegetarian dish per day
  • Daily fresh, organic fruit and nuts
  • Supply of water and tea
  • Highly individualised, personal support
  • Introductory and final discussion
  • Daily group discussion of about 1 hour
  • Introduction to the application of BWE (Brainwave Entrainment)
  • Mp3 player and headphones
  • Introduction to Lucid Dreaming (on request)
  • 24-hour presence of the supervisors
  • Emergency bell system: First 15 min Consultation free of charge, then 2 €/ min
  • Advice on various meditation practices for coping with fears, blockages or internal issues
  • Regular cleaning of your mountain hut, bath and WC on request

About the Phoenix Programm

The Phoenix Program is named after the mythical bird Phoenix (ancient Egyptian ‘The Reborn’), who, striving for the highest, burns to rise from its own ashes in new splendor, completely regenerated and stronger than before. Symbolically we understand his “burning”, caused by his intense effort to be the “best” and to shine in the sun of the world, as burn-out.

Symbolically we understand his “burning”, caused by his intense effort to be the “best” and to shine in the sun of the world, as burn-out. The affected person literally feels burned out and can get into deep depression.


Getting there: Sat, 21.09.2019 until 12:00
Departure: Sun, 09/29/2019
Duration: 9 days (including arrival and departure)
Days in darkness: 7


The Phönix program is located in 5-star level hotel complex Almdorf Seinerzeit, consisting of 51 alpine huts and chalets in two traditional alpine villages in the UNESCO Biosphere Park Nockberge, at an altitude of 1400 m. All participants of the Phoenix program are accommodated in a luxurious alpine hut, which was built according to the highest standards of biological construction and thus offers a very pleasant living climate. Due to its quiet, secluded location, the stimulating climate, the high-quality alpine huts and the power of the surrounding nature and forests, the Almdorf Seinerzeit offers the ideal location for a retreat into the darkness and a profound personal transformation.

Attention: Limited number of participants. You should therefore reserve your place as soon as possible.

The Phoenix Program is conducted as a group. All participants are accommodated together with several people in a mountain hut and can take advantage of a daily group discussion. The group size is max. 3-6 persons per hut. Each participant gets his own Swiss stone pine bedroom with king size bed. According to your wishes 2 persons can also move into a Swiss stone pine bedroom.

Make it equal to the phoenix and invest now in your personal potential development.

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Your personal contact person M.A. Nina Rath is at your disposal for non-binding initial discussions. As this year’s Phoenix program has a limited number of participants, we kindly ask you to send booking requests directly to Nina Rath, who will go through all further details of the booking with you.

For a binding booking, please send the signed registration form directly to the following email nina.rath@almdorf.com »


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